Frequently Asked Questions

Will Pacific Spirit CBD make my animal ?high??

No, your animal will not get ?high? from taking our products because they are not made from cannabis and contain absolutely zero THC. Pacific Spirit CBD products are completely non-psychoactive because they are formulated with pure isolated nano-cannabidiol (CBD) sourced from hemp.

Are there any side effects to using Pacific Spirit CBD?

CBD is a non-toxic compound and there are no side effects from taking Pacific Spirit CBD products, unless your animal has an existing allergy or sensitivity to our organic hemp seed carrier oil. The active nano-cannabinoids in our formulas mimic important endocannabinoids already naturally present in your animal?s body (and your own!)

How much do I give my animal and how often?

Each of our CBD tinctures is labeled with general administering guidelines for your animal based on size. Please refer to our online product pages for specific dosing information on the product you are using. To maintain even supplementation, daily doses are split into two, generally morning and night. Because every animal may react to CBD differently, it is possible, for added effect, to gently increase the dose over several weeks. This allows your animal?s body to adjust to the supplementation while allowing you to observe your pet?s reaction and results. Signs of lethargy, sleepiness or lack of coordination point to too high of a dose but this is harmless and temporary. Please consult your vet if you are considering a higher dosage than what we recommend on our guidelines to aid in the treatment of a pre-existing condition.

How do I give Pacific Spirit CBD to my animal?

To administer Pacific Spirit CBD tinctures to your pet, have your animal lick the dose off a clean surface (like a small plate) or your hand. Alternatively, you may squeeze the drops of tincture under your animal?s tongue or towards the back of the cheek.?Avoid allowing your animal?s saliva to come into contact with the dropper or bottle so as not to contaminate the product. You may also apply the tincture onto your animal?s meal or treats although CBD added to food must pass through the digestive tract delaying its effect by 30 minutes or more.

What if my animal accidentally receives too much?

If your animal consumes too high a dose relative to its size and metabolism, it may experience temporary sedative-like effects which appear as sleepiness, lack of coordination or lethargy. In very rare cases diarrhea may result. Once the CBD metabolizes these effects will wear off, although we recommend you prevent giving too much if possible so your animal need not bear the discomfort of these effects. Contact your vet if you have concerns about any such reactions.

Is Pacific Spirit CBD safe to consume for other animals besides dogs, cats and horses?

Yes, Pacific Spirit CBD products are safe for all animals. Our dosage guidelines apply to other mammal species based on weight. Please contact your vet to determine the accurate amount to administer to other species of animals.

Are Pacific Spirit CBD products safe for humans?
Yes, though we formulate with pets in mind, all our tinctures are safe for human consumption. Pacific Spirit CBD products are made only with the highest quality, organic, human-grade ingredients and are 3rd party lab-tested for safety, purity and potency. We do not include additives or synthetic ingredients.
How long does it take to see results?
Every animal metabolizes CBD a bit differently but generally, it can take between 45 and 60 minutes after administration before CBD is fully absorbed into your animal?s bloodstream. You can expect an improvement with mental and behavioural issues like anxiety and phobias at this point. Results around physical issues like pain, arthritis and inflammation may take up to 4 days. For full scale effects and the treatment of more severe conditions like epilepsy and cancer, please allow 1-2 weeks of consistent dosing.
Can I use Pacific Spirit CBD while using other medications?
To be safe, please consult your vet before using Pacific Spirit CBD products in conjunction with other medications. CBD has no harmful side effects when used on its own but may interact with some prescribed medications. It can have a cumulative effect with some sedatives and can inhibit enzymes required for metabolizing certain pharmaceutical and botanical medicines.
What are Pacific Spirit CBD products used for?
Pacific Spirit CBD products are not intended to prevent, diagnose, treat or cure any disease. Customers have reported that supplementing their animal with CBD has:


  • reduced anxiety and aggression
  • reduced pain and inflammation
  • increased energy, appetite and mobility in senior animals
  • improved digestion
  • diminished allergies
  • improved skin and coat quality and shine
  • improved performance and agility
  • diminished occurrences of seizures
  • reduced tumor size/stopped growth
  • improved overall wellness
How should I store my products and what shelf life do they have?
We recommend storing our products in a cool, dark place to prevent degradation. Once opened, these products have a shelf life of 1 year, up to 2 years if kept refrigerated.
How long will the product last my animal?

Depending on dosage required and if taken daily, a bottle of Pacific Spirit CBD tincture can last anywhere 1-8 weeks.

What if my animal has stomach sensitivity or food allergies?
Pacific Spirit CBD products do not contain ingredients that commonly cause sensitivities or allergic reactions like wheat, eggs, sugar, alcohol, preservatives or dairy so are highly unlikely to cause a reaction.
Will Pacific Spirit CBD products cure my animal?s medical condition?
We are prohibited to discuss with you any disease or condition in conjunction with our products. We are not veterinarians and cannot make claims that would prevent, diagnose, treat or cure any disease or condition your animal may have. Please always consult and inform your vet before deciding to use CBD for your animal.