Have you been hearing a lot about CBD for use with pets? Curious about trying CBD for your own pet?

The reason CBD supplements are everywhere these days is because more and more pet owners are reporting positive results in their animal?s wellbeing from daily CBD supplementation. CBD functions in a safe and natural way to support and balance your pet?s health through their Endocannabinoid System (ECS). This system is responsible for supporting the nervous system and regulating and balancing many of your animal?s biological functions. CBD contains phytocannabinoids that work with the cannabinoid receptors that are found inside the bodies of all mammals. Endocannabinoids are already naturally produced by your pet?s body in limited amounts and supplementing with CBD improves the functioning of the ECS to achieve optimal health for your furry loved ones.

While there are an array of benefits from daily supplementation with CBD for pets, here?s a list of the top 3 that pet owners are experiencing for their pets:

1. CBD Boosts Mood and Helps Reduce Stress and Anxiety

Pet owners generally understand their pet?s feelings well enough to know that certain situations trigger more stress or fear in them. The dreaded veterinary visit, doggie day care, pet groomers, separation anxiety when you must go out of town without them, fireworks or even a negative social interaction with another dog can all cause emotional distress and that?s what CBD supplementation can help with.

CBD acts on the endocannabinoid system (ECS) which is responsible for regulating mood through the nervous and endocrine systems. Daily CBD supplementation is known to stimulate this system in a way that supports its efforts to keep your dog?s emotional health in balance. Of course, we all want our pets’ moods to be good and to assist them in better coping with and adapting to everyday challenges. Stress symptoms are not always obvious, but with regular CBD supplementation you may see a reduction the in signs of stress like growling, whining, whimpering, excessive panting, a loss of appetite, laid-back ears and peeled back eyelids.

By interacting with cannabinoid receptors, cannabinoids like CBD can reset your pet?s natural balancing effects promoting a healthy nervous system that effectively regulates emotional behavior. An added bonus of a healthy nervous system is helping to balance your pet?s motor and cognitive activities, especially important when training for behavior. Through CBD supplementation you?ll likely notice them responding better to your commands.


2. CBD Supports Healthy Joints and Calms Pain and Inflammation in Joints

Daily CBD supplementation is known for supporting healthy joints in your pet. Activities like chasing balls and running up and down stairs, can really give a beating to an active dog’s joints. Over time, and especially with larger breeds, these recurring impacts can lead to painful degenerative problems. It?s worrying to see your beloved creature suffering with painful inflammation like arthritis.

If you see your pet having discomfort when moving, it?s best to address it sooner than later. Knee and ankle problems are more prevalent in some breeds like Rottweilers. Joint issues become more common and noticeable as your pet ages or if they are overweight. Numerous scientific studies show CBD can suppress chronic inflammation that leads to pain and promote relief by balancing the nerves that transmit those signals.

Researchers have even discovered that there are cannabinoid receptors found within the lining of the joints. This indicates to scientists that cannabinoids like CBD would interact with those receptors to naturally help with all joint function and even boost balance. Reducing joint pain is key to keeping your dog active and healthy for a long time.


3. CBD Promotes Skin and Hair Health

When you boost your pet?s endocannabinoid system with a daily CBD supplement, you are also supporting their fur and skin. Veterinarians say this is one of the most common concerns of pet owners. Not only can skin issues be painful, but they can also leave your pet vulnerable to infections if the dermis is compromised. This can occur when skin is dry and itchy, and they scratch themselves too hard. We humans can relate to how uncomfortable itchy or sensitive skin is! It?s upsetting for both you and your suffering pet when skin problems lead to excessive licking, chronic infections or hair loss from scratching.

You can restore balance to the structure and function of your dog?s skin and promote a smooth sheen on their hair or fur with CBD?s natural health properties. The endocannabinoid system is known to regulate skin cells and hair. Dogs feel better when their skin is supple rather than flaky or itchy, and look their best with coat be shiny and smooth.


These are just three of many biological functions regulated by the endocannabinoid system. There is much more to learn how supplementing daily with CBD can help improve the struggles that our furry friends commonly encounter. You can feel great knowing you are giving them the gift of supporting a system that helps them thrive, maximizing the enjoyment of their best life.

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